Friday, December 5, 2008


Great stocking stuffer, no? Haha!

Ever thought about how you might make your love of animals live on after you have gone to your grave? Well, now you can! PETA has teamed up with eco-friendly coffin maker The Old Pine Box to bring you what you never knew you always wanted: a PETA coffin!

PETA coffin

PETA coffin

PETA coffin

There are several designs to choose from. One design allows the recently deceased to stake a claim as a "Lifetime PETA Member," while others give the departed the last laugh from a coffin that reads, "Told you I wouldn't be caught dead in fur!" or "Dead meat should be buried—not eaten." Hey, if you've been making waves as an animal rights activist your whole life, why stop there?

And best of all, choosing a PETA coffin doesn't just make a bold statement. Because $75 from each PETA coffin purchase is donated to PETA, a body buried in a PETA coffin can literally go out fighting for animal rights! Going to meet your maker has never been so stylish or so good for animals.

And guess what? They're available right now from the PETA Mall.

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Kimberly said...

I am personally going to be cremated and then spread in my garden....but hey, why not a pine box for those who prefer not to be the host of the weenie roast?