Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yes, once again things went terribly wrong. Yesterday we attempted to take the train to Barcelona. We missed the first train. We missed the next bus. Then after we had walked a mile to the train station for the second time, we realized that the train wouldn't arrive in Cordoba in time for us to make our connection to Barcelona. We caught the next bus after I had explained that we needed to go to the Antequera Santa Ana AVE (high velocity) station. The driver said, he doesn't go there, but he goes near. I had seen the AVE station on the way to Antequera before, so I knew it wasn't right next to the stop. He said it was less than a kilometer walk. He didn't know what he was talking about. He took us to the Antequera train station which as I've said before is not the AVE station. We had a half an hour to catch our train. We caught a cab for 20 euros and arrived at the station with 10 minutes. The ticket checker didn't like the look of our EuroRail passes and told us to wait for her friend who apparently knew more about it. Her friend took forever to show up and didn't know anything more than the other girl. We went to the ticket office with 5 minutes to catch our train. They said they had to fill out paperwork for us to get on the train and it was completely impossible for us to make our train.
Meanwhile, a teacher from my school just happened to be there and he argued valiantly on my behalf saying that I had gotten here in time to have the paperwork filled out, it was the ticket takers fault for not sending me to the ticket office in the first place. The ticket office guy was moved and rushed us up to the train. It arrived and he asked the director if we could get on. The director said absolutely not. The train was full. Then the ticket office guy called the Bobadilla station to see if there was another train. There was, but it was a hotel train and didn't arrive until the next morning. So we decided to go to Madrid instead. The first thing that happened when we got here was that Mr. AwesomeCool got his wallet stolen on the Metro. Luckily we have internet in our crappy hostile and he was able to Skype the credit card company and our debit card company before they were able to buy anything. However, they tried several times to extract money from an ATM, but weren't able to guess the PIN. Seriously, how stupid are they?? Trying to guess a pin #?? Then they attempted to use our credit card as an ATM card and tried to take out over $1,000 but they failed again, because it isn't an ATM card and once again, they don't know the fucking pin. They seemed like very professional thieves, but what's with trying to guess pin numbers?? Does that ever work??
Today we made sure to make our reservations for Toulouse early, only we couldn't get to Toulouse from here, so we're going to Montpellier. After that, we went to a natural food store and bought all variety of vegan organic delicacies, including vegan croissants. YUM! Next we had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, "Yerbabuena" which was absolutely amazing. The food was artistically arranged and everything was delicious. We ordered onion soup, stuffed baked potato, paella and pizza, all vegan.
So tomorrow, France!!


Kimberly said...

YAY! I'm glad you finally got to eat yummy vegan food. I was wondering how you were existing before. I read earlier that you were having a hard time finding good food. Did you have to go off the total vegan train for a while or what?

Expat Wannabe said...

The food sucks in Campillos. The main problem I was having was that there wasn't any organic produce. I found a natural food store that had enough vegan, organic things that I was able to survive. The kids stepped off the vegan train a few times, but I held on for dear life.