Saturday, December 13, 2008

Financial Crisis!!!

When I first got here, I tried on numerous occasions to get a bank account. Somebody said I didn't need a residency card (NIE), but every time I went to the bank they had an attitude about it. The German and I went after our second attempt to get our NIE cards since he was successful in getting the process started and was given a paper with his residency number on it (I was absolutely not successful and despite a subsequent attempts including a trip to Malaga and numerous angry phone calls on my behalf by the director of the bilingual program, my paperwork is still in Jaen where it will forever remain thanks to those evil bureaucratic bastards up there as I have given up all hope and am leaving soon anyway.)
The girl at UniCaja said I needed an NIE paper also. Fine. I went across the street to Banestro and after about an hour and many phone calls to supervisors who didn't feel they needed to be at work at 10 on a Wednesday, she was able to give me an account. This was in anticipation of getting paid that Friday which of course didn't happen. A week later, after cornering the secretary and demanding money, I arrived at Banestro with my check. I deposited it and immediately began loosing money. 20€ for being a foreigner without an NIE, 3.50€ cause my paycheck was not a Banestro check. Then later I bought a battery charger for my camera using direct transfer TO A BANESTRO ACCOUNT and WAS CHARGED FOR THAT TOO!!! So that was enough. I went to withdraw all my money because I had a feeling there would be a charge for closing the account. The guy at the counter said I couldn't take it all out without closing the account. Fine. Whatever.
I got my NIE paper from Malaga and went back to the girl at UniCaja to open an account. She said, "You need the NIE CARD." I said, "The German didn't need a card."
She discussed it with the manager and came back to say, "You need the card." I angrily gathered up my things, stealing her pen in the process and stomped out. Take that!!
Then I went to the other UniCaja branch a few blocks away and am happy to say, those people weren't complete idiots like miss dumb blond "you need a card" and I was able to open an account! Yay!
So then today I thought, "I'm not letting Banestro keep that 2.44 I still have in there any longer!" And I went in to close my account. The woman was very nice and took me to her office to start the process. She typed a few things in and then told me to wait 10 minutes for the computers at the counter to get updated and I could close it. So I waited 10 minutes, which wasn't hard because this guy is slow as molasses. I went up and he said, "You need thirteen more euros to close your account."
"It costs 15€ to close your account."
"Then just give me my money."
"But you need 13 more before you can close."
"It's my money, why can't you just give it to me!" What kind of fuckery is this??
He went to get the manager.
In the end I did not get my money, but I also am not paying to close my stupid account!! I've never heard of anything so stupid! Fuckery!! I'm going to find a way to get my 2.44! You haven't heard the last of me!! But I'm really glad I had the sense to get as much money as possible out first because the "nice" woman who was "helping" me hadn't told me about the 15€ charge and had I had that extra 13€ it would have been gone.
Anyway, the other story I have is that my new bank was robbed at gunpoint a couple days ago. When I went to the grocery store there were about 50 people standing around and a news crew, all staring at an apartment across the street. Apparently that's where the bank robbers lived and where they were captured. It's maybe 200 meters from the bank they robbed. At least they didn't have far to go.


Kimberly said...

They were probably just trying to get their 15 bucks back after they closed their account. No ideas now...

Kimberly said...

"what kind of fuckery is this?"

Nice Amy Winehouse quote by the way.