Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bleeping Blog

I found out my Grandpa is reading my blog. Hi, Bid!! He said it was full of bleeps.
This week may be my last day of teaching. Sad! For this Thursday I've made a powerpoint presentation on Christmas, which is really all about Santa (Jesus who?). I brought it up to Rodrigo because I had heard via David Sedaris, that in Spain Santa was accompanied by 6-8 black men. They all came on Christmas eve from some Eastern European country. If you were bad, they might kick your ass.
Rodrigo said that there wasn't actually a Santa tradition here. Instead there are three magical kings who arrive on January sixth, Epiphany Day. Kids write to the kings on Boxing Day which is December 26th asking for presents. On Epiphany Eve, they leave shoes out to be filled with presents. Bad kids get a piece of coal made out of sugar. Kids leave a glass of cognac, a satsuma and walnuts for each king along with a bucket of water for the camels that they ride in on. Some cities even have a Epiphany parades for the three magical kings. Oh and they also come from a nondescript eastern European country.
Now isn't that just SILLY! We all know the real Santa is OUR Santa. Three bleeping kings my bleep!!! How bleeping ridiculous.

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