Friday, November 7, 2008

Tenuous At Best

So, I've been waiting for two fucking weeks to hear back from Digitus on whether or not they were going to be able to order the goddamn part for my computer, which I don't think they need anyway, come to think of it. Today for no reason in particular I decided to start jabbing things into the vacant hole where the jack to charge the stupid thing should be. The jack is there, it's just maddeningly back and to the side of where it should be and impossible to reach. Today for no reason whatsoever, I was able to manipulate it back into some semblance of its former self using my tweezers. Tenuously, computing is mine! For tonight, computer is mine! I'm sure it's not going to last and in typical fashion, yesterday I canceled my internet having given up all hope of ever, ever hearing back from those bastards. Seriously, they move slow as molasses here. Which is why I still have internet, almost two days after I canceled it. So I guess it works out some of the time.
Anyway, they are still salivating over Obama over here. I mean, seriously, you'd think he was Zac Effron and they were all prepubescent middle schoolers. Our president is hot! If for nothing else we can be proud of that. We have the best looking president on the planet. And he's got a cool name. President Obama.
It's got a good ring to it, no? Bonus points for having a hot wife!
He's a PILF! Haha!

At the other end of the spectrum, I have a feeling Tundra Trash Sarah Palin isn't going to slink back to Alaska quietly. I bet she gets a talk show or something, don't you? Here's Sarah getting pranked. Notice that she doesn't even know who the Canadian president is.

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