Monday, November 17, 2008

Silly Spanish

When I was at work an English teacher came into the English office to use the computer. I said, "I'll get off in a minute." Then the next time he came in he said, "I'm not going to get you off today." Meaning, he didn't need to use the computer. Today I was talking to another teacher and she told me about a trip she and her daughter had taken to Disneyland France. She said, "Children have a right to enjoy themselves, but they might also eat children." I said, "Who might eat children?" Thinking she might have meant they eat too much or there was some kind of spiritual loss due to over consumption of resources. Trying not to laugh I said, "Comer ninos?". She said, "With the money, they might eat children." I said, "Oh, they could FEED children!" Then I explained to her in Spanish why I was laughing hysterically. Then for the rest of the conversation I was trying to act like I was smiling a lot because I was enjoying the conversation and not because I was thinking about Disneyland eating children.

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Kimberly said...

I've heard rumors that the "It's A Small World" puppets only work for fingers and toes.