Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last night a posted a brilliant, amazing blog. Due to the unbelievably bad state of the internet here, it didn't get posted.
What happened was another chapter in the disaster story that has been my life here. Actually two chapters. First it snowed. After I posted my last blog, I went to pick up the girls and we went out to the balcony to watch the snow. Our balcony, like a lot of balconies here, has been converted into a kind of sun room. There are sliding glass doors leading out and then the rail has been tiled and windows added. So we were all out there watching the snow, watching the kids play down in the streets. Soon we decided to do other things. I went to open the sliding door and realized there was no handle. I tried to slide it, it was locked. I tried the other side, same thing. We were trapped on our balcony. It was about 3:00. My roommate should have been home soon. I tried not to panic. My phone, house keys, everything was in the house. So even if I were able to climb four stories down, I wouldn't be able to get back in my apartment. What if my roommate didn't come home? What if we died of hypothermia! What if she told everybody that the stupid American had locked herself on the balcony? I tried to dislodge the door from it's tracks to no avail. I found a car key from back home in my pocket. I started sliding it along where I thought the handle was on the other side of the door. Nothing. I tried the next door. Still nothing. I tried again and it worked! We were all completely shocked to see the doors open. Then about 15 minutes later, my roommate arrived home with another teacher to have lunch. I can just imagine the hilarity that would have insued had the Americans been locked out on the balcony for the two of them to see.
Then later I came home from the natural food store with the kids, took off my shoes and stepped in a huge puddle of water. Blue sat on the ground to undo her straps and screeched because she was now soaked from the waist down. I went to turn on the lights, but I could already see through the reflection from the lamppost what sickeningly looked like a lake in my living room. I flipped the switch and sure enough, Lake Crappy Campillos had sprung up, not only in my living room, but the kitchen. There was at least two centimeters of standing water everywhere.
I waded through the kitchen to discover the cause: My Spanish roommate had put a load of laundry in the washer and because this is Spain, there is no pipe for the washer to drain into, there is a hose. The hose is put into the sink next to the washer and you just hope everything works out. Well this time it didn't (SURPRISE!!!) There was a sponge in the sink and the green scrubby part had come off and lodged itself in the drain. So the sink overflowed and my apartment was flooded. One good thing about being here is that there is no such thing as carpet. All floors are tile, so after I called my roommate and told her what had happened, she mopped it and it dried up pretty quickly.

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