Thursday, November 27, 2008

Enseñadora de Inglès

The other day The German and I were heading out to a cafe for break. Every time we leave, since the gates are locked and we have keys, a torrent of students follow us out. They aren't supposed to, but there is also supposed to be a teacher there guarding the door and letting the kids out who have permission to leave out. We went to the cafe and The German approached one of the English teachers to ask what the situation was with the door since there is never a teacher there. He explained that every time we left, students flooded out and asked why wasn't there anyone there. She said, 'Espanich Police.'
The German and I exchanged a confused look. What do the Spanish Police have to do with anything? I thought she was either trying to make a joke or hadn't understood The German above the noise of the cafe.
'Spanish Police?' The German repeated.
'No, no, Espanich Poleaze.' She wanted him to say it in Spanish.
The German was taken aback and with a 'what the fuck' expression on his face and dismay in his voice said, 'But you teach English?' It came out as more of a question than a statement because it was completely obvious that this 'English teacher' could barely understand English.
'Yes, I know, but prefer Espanich.'
The German and I laughed till our faces hurt. It's like the freaking twilight zone here.

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