Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day Two of Illegal Internet

And illegal apartment inhabiting. As in I didn't pay my rent. As in I'm not going to. As in I'm staging a non-violent pointless protest. Because the toilet doesn't work very well and they said they would replace it. The freezer doesn't work at all and the refrigerator is maybe 2 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Plus I have little cockroach friends. Well, one cockroach friend. Don't you think for $430 a month I should have these things working?
We went walking tonight and found some guy selling roasted chestnuts. 7 for a euro. He actually ended up giving us 9 or 10 because he's a nice guy. That was the first time I've ever had roasted chestnuts. The only other time they were in front of me, I was only eating raw foods (yeah, six months of that). They were really good! Yay!!!
Tomorrow we're catching the 7:45am bus to Antequerra (before you ask, it's because that's the ONLY bus going there tomorrow.) We're going to be shopping like crazy and possibly seeing High School Musical 3 (Shut up! Those movies are really good!) My kids don't want to see it because it's in Spanish, but I'm like, "You guys! The songs are in English! C'mon! Let's go see it!" And they're like, "No me fucking gusta." Whatever, they're going.
The Campillos Randomly Marching Band is at it again. Wandering through the streets, rogue, maverick like, trumpeting their little hearts out.


Jamie Stenstrom said...

Are the three of you speaking really good spanish now?

Expat Wannabe said...

I am definitely not, the girls are getting better, but not really good yet.