Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Mama Work Drama

Today I arrived at work to find my schedule had been changed. The German arrived at work furious because the director of the English program had called and woken him up to alert him of the changes, minutes before he was now supposed to be at work. I was to take over one of his classes and he was to help on of the many agriculture teachers englishize his lessons. So The German and I went to the teacher's class that I was going to take over and she did not appreciate the sudden switch. "I have no knowledge of this! Therefor, I am expecting YOU The German to be in here!" Fffft! Reeeeaaaarrrr! (That's my best written imitation of a pissed off she cat). The German turned to me and said, "I guess that means I go inside?" "Uh, yeah." I got the fuck out of there before she eviscerated me. She seemed a little unreasonably irritated so I think something else was bothering her and this didn't help. In any case I was obviously not wanted and went to the teacher's lounge to read the paper because I was locked out of the English Department office because I hadn't brought my keys because I was expecting to be teaching for an hour and not needing them. After class I went to find The German who was talking to angry cat lady who told him that a bunch of the teachers have been complaining that we don't go to their classes. This is absolutely shocking news because we are at school all day whether we have class or not (because frankly there is nothing else to do in this town) and we see all of them at least five times a day as they drop by the English Department Office for materials and to do work. So if they were unhappy with our work performance, why not say something during our many, daily encounters?? Furthermore, as they see us at least five times a day every school day, if they want us in their class, why not, oh I don't know, ASK US TO COME WITH THEM!!?? When I first started I would go around to the teachers on my schedule and ask them if I was needed in their classes, but it soon became apparent that certain teachers NEVER wanted me in their classes, so I stopped asking and anyway, they freaking know where I am, if they want me they can get me. I'm not going to chase them down every fucking day. You'd think they could figure this simple concept out. Some of the teachers have. They want me, they come to the English Department and get me. They have a speaking exercise planned for Thursday, they tell me Wednesday what it is and what they want me to do. And then I do it. Fucking brilliant.
In other news, I have made two teachers cry this week. Completely accidental of course, but still a little strange.

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