Friday, October 10, 2008

Thwarted Once Again!

For god's sakes! Couldn't just one thing work out the way it's supposed to? I mean holy fucking shit!!
Ok, new story of how I was fucked over in Spain.
The director of the bilingual program at my school called La Junta or whatever to see if we needed to go to Malaga (an hour and a half bus ride away) or if we could go to Antequera (A half an hour bus ride away) to get our NIEs which are basically like green cards. They assured him that we could go to Antequera (although since I switched from the province of Jaen, my papers are of course over there, instead of here in Malaga provence).
Like fools, we believed them and the other English instructor and I took a bus ride over there today to supposedly easily and rapidly get our NIEs. As you have probably figured out, it didn't work out. They told us we had to go to Malaga, though they weren't familiar with the program we were in and they didn't bother checking the computer AND they didn't know exactly what paperwork we needed to bring with us to get it done in Malaga. The other assistant, who I call The German on account of his fierce German ancestry, was smoking mad. Literally, he smoked and swore angrily as we walked back to the bus. I couldn't help but smile because he's got the cutest southern accent. And anyway, I wasn't really expecting it to work out in the first place, so I took it better than he did.
Tomorrow we return! Director of bilingual program (who, rightly, thinks the Antequera people are full of shit) in tow!!
Seriously though. Is it humanly possible to be this hapless? Am I really in a coma somewhere entertaining myself by causing all this shit to go wrong? Or maybe I'm a figment of someone's twisted imagination. The least they could have done was give me a hot Spanish guy to fuck around with while all this shit goes wrong.


Cat said...

i'd like to punch everyone who is a funcionario for you and Felipe! getting your NIE shit sorted is the biggest headache! i was spitting mad to find out that the province of sevilla is doing everything for the new auxiliares after i spent hours waiting to get my fingerprints taken. mucha suerte!

Expat Wannabe said...

Gracias! We're going back Tuesday! May the gods of bureaucracy be with us!