Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing to Do!

Really, the only thing, THE ONLY THING keeping me here is that fact that it sucks even more back in RainyTown.
Literally. If not for that I would have already gone home. Missing my husband isn't enough to bring me back if there's going to be cold, rainy weather. Gross. I'd rather be lonely and culturally inept than social and shivering.
The glorious fact of the matter is, that I'm wearing a tank top right now and it's 10:30 at night in the middle of October! I never dreamed life could be so good!
The downside is that there is nothing to do in this podunk town. There's no theater, no bowling alley, there's lots of bars, but they seem to be singularly populated by old smoking fat men. Not my scene, but more importantly I don't drink. Although I'm seriously considering it. Or huffing paint thinner. Something!
The German was over here tonight and he said he actually looks forward to work cause at least he has something to keep his mind occupied. Just the fact that he came over here to visit with me should tell you that there isn't much going on in this town. There is a squirrel outside our apartment. It hasn't moved in days. I'm pretty sure it died of boredom, but I'll have to keep watching it, just to make sure.

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