Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I start teaching tomorrow! I'm soooooo nervous! I hate doing new things. Today I went to the school which is huge for a town this size. The director of the bilingual program showed me around the school and introduced me to teachers. I couldn't understand much of what anybody said, including the other auxiliar who is pretty much fluent and speaks very quickly in Spanish whenever possible. Also, since nobody at the school actually speaks English, the other assistant and I are responsible for getting the program started and on the right track. This is their first year of teaching English! The highlight of the day was finding out they have a pork production class, the only class that started English last year that I am lucky enough to be instrumental in translating the technicalities of raising and slaughtering pigs to English. Nasty! Also, the girls start school at the local primary school tomorrow. The director of the bilingual program at my school was nice enough to help me enroll the kids (actually he pretty much did the whole thing while I signed where I was told to and handed over passports. I wonder if it's this easy to illegally get your kids enrolled in school in the US). Incidentally, the kids have the option of studying Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, or Christianity (of various denominations I don't remember.) Everybody at the school so far has been inordinately delighted with my choice of none of the above, exclaiming, "Good!" or "That will be the better!"
I haven't been completely honest with them about what's going to happen. I've been telling them it's daycare to lessen the blow. I think it's for the best that they start school because they were sick to death of the workbooks I got them and when they'd finished their lessons, the rest of the day was spent on their DSs, Poptropica and Webkinz, followed by a healthy 2-3 hours of watching Spanish cartoons. I'm sure there are much more creative methods of homeschooling that I'm not privy too and am to frazzled at the moment to find out. They will be sure to learn Spanish this way. I'm really excited for them! I only wish somebody from my childhood had had the sense to drag me across the world to a strange town, live in a smelly run down apartment and force me into a school where I barely spoke the language!


David said...

Yah! Have fun tomorrow.

Kimberly said...

What was that blue thing leading the parade, a dog?

Expat Wannabe said...

It's a Space Cat!