Wednesday, October 1, 2008

´Una Muchacha Inglés´

I went to the town hall today to try to get internet. I was directed to an office with three people in it. I timidly asked ´por el internet´not sure at all if that was what it is called here. They seemed to understand me, but communication quickly broke down. The guy who was trying to help me immediately became frustrated and called somebody who spoke very little english mixed with alot of spanish to help him with ´Una Muchacha Inglés´ which means young English girl. The result of all that is that tomorrow I have an appointment at 10:30, hopefully to get internet. Maybe for something else entirely.
I finally got the money to pay for my apartment. I forked over 950 euros today. First and last plus 250 for the realtor. Honestly, for having to deal with clueless me, she earned every penny. Or centime or whatever.
I went into a phone company but chickened out, since I´d already been through the internet fiasco. Spending all day not understanding people and not being understood is completely exhausting. I blame the fact that I learned much nicer Mexican Spanish and they all speak much lispier European Spanish. So what if they spoke the language first! They're wrong! The Mexicans have it right!
My realtor is meeting me tomorrow to get me hooked up with a phone and to look for internet, which means my other appointment might be pointless.
The day after tomorrow, I have to go to orientation in Malaga for four hours. I have to bring the kids since I have no one to watch them. I also am desperate to find a health food store and stock up on some food I don´t have to force myself to eat.
The grocery store here is worse than any other food store I´ve ever been to. It´s like a giant QuickiMart. All of it processed full of sugar and revolting looking. There are maybe five healthy things in the whole store and none of it organic. They have a whole isle devoted to ham, some of whick is a whole pig leg, that looks like it´s been mummified and then unwrapped. Disgusting. Nothing this Ingles Muchacha would eat in a million years.

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