Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Here!

After a horrific plane ride, the highlight of which was when we had to sprint accross gatwick airport because I kept looking at the wrong ticket which said 9:50 instead of 7:30. I heard the pages in the back of my mind but didnt pay attention to them . . . "Flight from Gatwic to Malaga still awaiting three passengers, youre baggage has already been loaded. This is your final boarding call. Please be advised it is a 15 minute walk from the main terminal to the gate." (it's about an 8 minute run while dragging luggage and two kids in case you're interested) The second time I heard it I decided to check the board posting the flights and found that yes indeed, they were talking about us. We got to the gate sweating profusely right behind several other late passengers and the cross lady at the counter said, "This is not our airline, this is Brittish airways! Look at the signs!"
So we had yet another sprint to the other end of that corridor only to find that our flight was delayed and they were talking those people at the other gate.
Now I'm in Campillos and I don't like it very much. Its a dull, ugly town. I've already seen the whole thing while I wandered around trying to find a place to live.
We had a nasty dinner in which spaghetti marinara was noodles, olive oil, shrimp, salmon and a weird orange clam that looked exactly like a sunburned vagina.
Salad meant pale grean leaves, heart of palm, pineapple, corn all covered in pink slop.
Today we found the grocery store and not one organic thing in there!
Now I realize how spoiled I've been. I'd say I'm homesick, but the thought of cold rainy RainyTown is almost as bad as living without a gym and organic vegan food. The kids like it for some reason known only to themselves. They watch a weird version of cartoon network in Spanish. We are quickly running out of vegan organic food! I don't want to eat their salad covered in pink goo!
I still haven't found a place to live. My intermediate Spanish is nearly useless as very few people ask where you're from or what you're name is. They say very complicated things very quickly. Then when you stare blankly they say something else very complicated, very quickly.
So yeah.
Here I am!


Jamie Stenstrom said...

I am glad you guys arrived safely. Where are you staying while you find a place to live?

David said...

Your out of oregon! like your blog says.

Kimberly said...

"a weird orange clam that looked exactly like a sunburned vagina."

If I had a quote of the day on my blog, this would be it. Possibly the quote of the year. hahaha

Expat Wannabe said...

You think its funny until you're expected to eat one. Yummmmmy! Haha!