Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fuck the EU

They have destroyed me. I had to get certified copies of my marriage license, the girls birth certificates, all of which I had to send away for in Portland for 32 bucks a pop. I had to spend 20 to get a police records form. Next I had to send all these away to Salem to get them "Apolstilled" which is a fancy tedious way of saying "notarizing the notarization". Blue's got sent back because the birth certificate was more than six months old! Green's was less than six months old because in the process of getting her passport, we lost her birth certificate.
Four passport sized pictures! Fill out the visa app in triplicate! Drive all the way down to San Francisco and pay 100 per visa app (which also must be money order or cash! No checks or credit cards!)
So anyway, I called today and found out that not only would Mr. AwesomeCool have to have $1000 a month for him to be allowed over there, both the kids would also have to have $1000 a month. So we would need to already have $24,000 lying around for them to be able to get their long stay visas. And since I would technically be a student over there (even though I'm teaching English in schools and getting paid) the kids wouldn't be able to go to school there.
Plan b: Take everyone over there illegally and live in card board boxes and eat olives and sand.

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