Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Annoying Bullshit!!

For a brief shining moment, I was the proud owner of a teaching position in Berja, Spain. Then, after about a blissful week of planning my Mediterranean beach adventure, I got an email from the Spanish Education Junta de Whatever who told me they didn't my second switch hadn't been approved, for reasons known only to themselves (mostly because my Spanish sucks and I only understand about every third word). So I'm not twenty minutes from the ocean anymore. I'm back in tiny Campillos, Spain. AKA In the middle of fucking nowhere. Berja was fucking awesome (from what I've been able to find out from the internet as I have never set foot in Spain). They had huge greenhouses that grew warm weather vegetables all year round! They had so many natural springs they had fountains all through town where you could collect drinking water! It was 15 minutes from a mid-sized city!!
Campillos: It has some dumb gothicky renaissancey church. That's about it. I am solacing myself with the fact that it is still in southern Spain and is therefor infinitely better than being here, now matter what it's shortcomings.

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