Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Diary . . .

Some guy was murdered in our neighborhood a few nights ago, which is frightening because they don't seem to have a clue about who did it or why. My husband was taking the dog for a walk and saw the girlfriend of the murdered guy talking to police. She was understandably very upset as she had discovered the body. I had just left for the gym when about five police cars and CSI van arrived. Although we live in suburbia, just last year there was a 'hostage situation' just down the street. After five hours and numerous cans of tear gas, the swat team realized there was no one in the house after all, but still.
In other news, the director of group x classes at my gym taught her last spin class today after 18 years here. It was all very moving and sad. I wasn't sad for me though, I was sad for her because she seemed to really love her job and love being at that gym and now she's moving to stupid Canby because her stupid husband got a stupid promotion. How unlucky is that? And she was very stoic about it, not getting teary or emotional which made it so much sadder!
Speaking of emotional and sad, my kids found my diary from when I was 13 and I read some of it and it made me cry.


Kimberly said...

When I read my diary from when I was 14 thru 16, I wondered how in the hell I ever thought I knew everything. God, I was dumb back then.

Expat Wannabe said...

How is that different from now? Haha!