Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why France

I thought I'd post the books I read after I decided I wanted to move to France, which still isn't out of the realm of possibility, by the way. That company that wanted to hire me way back in February is still working at getting my visa, although it seems they didn't bother mentioning my husband on the application which basically means he won't get to go. Unless it's on a regular visitor's visa in which he will get to stay for three months.
Here's a list of books I've read:

French by heart, by a woman who moved over with her husband and kids because he was lucky enough to be a tire engineer for Michelin.
Exactly how I would want to move. The company takes care of everything, including the school, house, french lessons. The writer was a little too soccer mom for me, but it was still a good intro to the weirdness an American can expect when moving to france.

At home in France : tales of an American and her house abroad
This one was not that great because this woman was middle aged and basically bought a vacation house in France. So she didn't have to work, worry about money, worry about her kids or husband. Still, I was completely jealous of her.

Me talk pretty one day
Hilarious, but not much in it about expatriating to france. Written by a man who kind of ended up in a town near Paris with his boyfriend who payed for and arranged everything. The perfect way to go to france. If only I had a well off boyfriend with his own house outside paris where I could go whenever I wanted and just wander around like a goat.

Almost French : love and a new life in Paris
This one has a lot in it about daily life in Paris. Once again though, everything falls into place for an australian journalist who moves in with her Parisian boyfriend. She's already an established journalist so she freelances. He already has an apartment and plenty of money.

Catherine de Medici
Once again, a woman moves from her home (in this case Italy) moves in with a french guy (in this case, the king of france). Every thing's taken care of, including the long arduous carriage ride from Italy, the wedding arrangements, he's already got a castle and, like, a kingdom. She did have a few problems though. Her husband doesn't particularly care for her and lavishes gifts and affection on another woman. He eventually gets stabbed in the eye during a mock jousting tournament and dies. Her daughter in law is beheaded by the queen of england. Her plan to put a stop to a protestant uprising spirals out of control and thousands of innocent people are butchered in the streets of Paris. Several of her children try to have her killed, etc.

So there isn't much out there about someone like me, starting from scratch, without a French boyfriend, basically broke, with an unemployable husband, dragging two francophobic kids with me.

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