Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fuck You France!

France declined to allow me to teach English to their young and impressionable youth. Spain however is all for it:

Ha sido adjudicada la plaza en Andalucía - España a su solicitud del programa de Auxiliares de Conversación.
Por favor proceda a efectuar la aceptación de la misma desde PROFEX, entrando en la opción de menú Aceptación y Renuncia candidatos.

Andalucia here I come!
That is, if I can figure out how to live on $1000 USD a month. I mean, I have kids to feed.


Anonymous said...

Are you going?? $1,000 a month doesn't even pay for groceries!!

David said...

Are you really leaving us?

Expat Wannabe said...

Its highly unlikely, unless we can find a cave to live in and steal olives to subsist on. Are you serious? You spent $1000 on groceries?