Monday, June 16, 2008

E-Coli Eyes

Grocery stores are filthy, disgusting places. I used to never put my produce in bags because I didn't want petroleum products, but I have completely changed my mind as I have seen the asshole meat buyers just throw their dripping carcasses right on the belt. A few days ago I made the mistake of rubbing my eyes through my shirt, after I'd cleaned them with a diaper wipe. That was not good enough and by the end of my shift my eyes were bright red and dripping goop. Thanks a lot, meat eaters! Would it kill you to put that shit in a plastic bag before you bring it up? The next day my left eyeball was actually swollen and had a burst blood vessel. My right eye wasn't faring much better. They were both so red, I had no whites! They were glow red! Still, two days later, they're not completely recovered. I only wish I'd taken a picture to put up here.
Also, you would be amazed how many people want a fucking bag for two things, and how many of them get pissy when I put their stuff in a size appropriate bag.
But it's the meat more than anything that makes me want to quit. I don't mind the homeless people with their grimy hands and bottle returns, the crazy haltertop wearing guy who talks to himself, the incredibly incendiary hippy who gets pissed off because you try to show him how to use the debit/credit card machine or ask him how he's doing, the condescending people who seem to think that people of a certain profession have been naturally selected to serve them and it is our only biological purpose. No, it is when the fifth person in a row drops a dripping chicken carcass on the belt that want to scream, "Fuck you meat eaters!" and run screaming from the store.

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