Monday, June 2, 2008


Guess what I had for dessert tonight? Any guesses? Hmmm? I ate so much I look five months pregnant. I ate so much I couldn't move for half an hour. Here's what caused me to instantly gain ten pounds: First there was strawberries with whipped cream. Next came two halves of two different types of donuts. I'm still not sure what flavor they were supposed to be, but who cares, they're deep fat fried, frostinged goodness. Finally, mint chocolate chunk ice cream. All of it vegan! All of it organic! How you ask? A small miraculous, super fatty fruit: Coconut. My husband can make actual whipped cream out of coconut milk. If you've ever had to suffer rice or soy based whipped cream, you know this is a big deal and something you miss dearly when you go vegan. Vegan ice cream has the same shortcomings. Soy and rice just don't cut it. You want CREAMY! FATTY! Screw watered down, under caloried soy cream! No amount of flavorings can make it taste like the real thing! Your solution? Get yourself a damn ice cream maker and a can of coconut milk! Blend that bitch up with some organic evaporated cane juice, vanilla, peppermint oil and some vegan chocolate bar. Dump it in your ice cream maker. Now you've got yourself some minty chocolate chunk ice cream! Be grateful, eat it till you feel sick and never buy that low calorie soy crap ever again! Oh and as for the donuts, you've just got to be lucky enough to live in a city where some enterprising soul has deigned to make their living frying them up for you. And they will make a living at it because they know you'll sell your soul to the devil for a vegan donut.

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David said...

We want Louis to make some ice cream for us!