Monday, May 12, 2008

Top Ten Things That Really Annoy Your Casheir

10. Fruits and vegetables that I can't identify and therefor have to ask the dork buying them what the hell they are.
9. People who pay with large bills so I have to fish out all kinds of change from the cash register which is surprisingly resistant to parting with money.
8. People who bring a reusable bag. This is only eight because I totally support using reusable bags, but they are nearly impossible to bag because they won't stay up and everything I put in them falls into a huge lumpy heap the minute I let go. If you bring a reusable bag, make life easier on your cashier and help her bag.
7. People asking where common everyday items are, like, bread. There's a whole isle of it, go find it yourself, asshole.
6. Having to know the codes for the vegetables which unlike the fruit aren't labeled with the PLU# AND people who don't label their bulk items with the code and think its easy/fun for me to figure it out for them.
5. People who read my name tag and start using my name a lot.
4. People who try to have a conversation with me in general. Even if they don't use my name and especially if it starts with, "How are you today?" How the fuck do you think I am? I'm bagging you're goddamn groceries for a living!
3. People with kids who think I want to talk/interact with said snot nosed brats, ie, "My baby wants to give this to you." Then I am expected to accept a mushy box of drooled on crackers and think it's cute.
2. People who want a bag for a few small things. What the fuck is wrong with you!! You have hands, don't you?!!
1. Having to stand ALL FUCKING DAY.