Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I got called in to work on Saturday because a woman at the store couldn't make it in. My first day on my own without my trainer. Thanks to Jamie and Kristie for coming to see me!! Overall it was fine, especially since I only worked a partial shift. Then last night was my first full shift and there were SEVERAL small disasters.
First, some guy wanted to use his debit card to buy his stuff and he wanted $60 cash back. So his charge to his debit card came out to $136. I entered in the right amount, but then I pushed the CASH button instead of the DEBIT button, probably because he said cash back (what a jerk). Anyway that was a very wrong thing to do because the register opened the order disappeared, there was nothing to do. I had to call the manager and she had to come and push a bunch of buttons really fast to fix it. It held up the whole line for 15 minutes. At the end of the day, I had done this twice
Then the debit/credit computers went down. People who were planning to pay with a debit/credit card had to abandon their groceries or pay with cash or credit. Then they were up and down for a few hours and people paying with plastic sometimes had to stand in line and swipe their cards ten times before they finally worked.
Later a woman's check caused my whole register to have an error which caused the whole thing to 'unexpectedly quit'. The manager had to come and reboot the whole thing. A few minutes later it happened again.
In the middle of all this, during my 'lunch' which is at 6 pm since I work nights, another worker asked me to stay till 12am for him because he got stung by hornets on his way to work and crashed his bike, re injuring his broken ribs from a previous bike crash.
But the real highlight of my night was when everybody in town decided to come in and bring all their vegetables into my line. To ring up vegetables, you have to know the PLU code (fruits usually have a sticker) which I obviously don't know since I've worked there 5 days. To make matters worse, the booklet at work that has all the codes, does not have items arranged alphabetically. They're arranged by category. Vegetables, fruits, herbs and some other ones I can't think of right now. Then there are sub categories like peppers, apples, squash. So if you have a zucchini in front of you, you have to look it up under squash and then sift through all the squashes until you find zucchini. Also there are some anomalies, like ginger and garlic are with the vegetables and not with herbs. And since I've barely started, I only have the code for bananas memorized (4011!). I have to look everything else up in my booklet and its all painfully slow.
So there were lines stretching back into the isles, every checkout stand full and these college kids came up with tomatillos. I was congratulating myself on even knowing what they were because being able to tell the difference between serrano and a pablano pepper is half the battle. Anyway, I started looking in my booklet thinking it must be a type of tomato. Wasn't there. Then I tried just tomatillo. Not there either. The hungry masses began to become impatient. Somebody said it was a pepper. I looked under pepper, not there either. I looked it up on the computer, typing it in and it came up! I hit enter and the register beeped at me, "Item not found!" I said, "Yes it was found, I just saw it!" So I did it again with the same results.
I asked the cashier next to me who kept saying to look up the code on the computer.
"I just did and it didn't work."
She looked it up on her computer. I took the number and typed it in, "Item not found!" I called the manager who didn't answer. So I waited and was seriously considering giving the stupid tomatillos to them when this woman next in line said something to the effect of, "Shouldn't you be being more proactive and maybe going to look for your manager instead of just standing there, going da dee da da? Couldn't you just give it to them for free or something?"
At first I didn't realize she was insulting me so I just smiled at her until halfway through I figured out she was being a bitch. Now my best option was taken away from me because I couldn't give them the tomatillos after she had suggested it.
I called the manager again and she gave me the code, which was not the code in the computer! The computer was wrong! It betrayed me!
Then a woman after the bitch said, "I don't know if it's your first day or what, but I think you're doing a super job."
So everything balanced out in the end.

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