Saturday, May 3, 2008

Desperate Former Housewife!

Finally my work week is over! Yesterday about an hour into my shift I thought dying would be better than continuing with my workday. Only a fleeting thought, but nonetheless . . .
So here's a summary of my career as a checker so far:
First day I was outed as a vegetarian because of the way I handled the meat. My first day working I handled more meat than I had in my entire life.
Day two my feet and back hurt.
Day three a super hot guy came in. The woman training me said, "Whenever he's around I have to remind myself that I'm married." Every woman in the check out line swooned and nodded in agreement. Unfortunately now I'm working nights so I won't get to stare at him anymore.
Today was my last day of training. Sunday I'm all on my own.
My kids just wandered away and called me from their friends house three blocks away. I'm too tired to care.
In other news, my quest to get out of the country is still alive! Apparently in Alberta Canada somebody discovered oil and they need carpenters to build stuff so they can do stuff (I'm not super clear on the details). It's in the middle of nowhere and it gets to negative fifty degrees but it would be someplace besides RainyTown (and I could quit my job.)

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