Sunday, February 10, 2008

Interview With Mme Frenchie Tomorrow

A couple months ago I applied for a job teaching English in France (separate from the French Language Assistants program). I had a phone interview with another English instructor at the company and the Mme decided on his recommendation that we should "take the application to the next level" although I have no idea why because as I recall I didn't say anything very interesting or 'English teacher-like". So anyway tomorrow at 10 am I have an interview with the director! I'm having second thoughts now. How am I going to go to France, get an apartment, get a car, have a job teaching English when I barely speak French.
Furthermore, how is this going to affect my kids? They'll be torn out of their school, away from their friends and family and in some weird backward country where the people are rude, don't speak proper English or shower! Oh, wait a minute, we'll fit right in.
I expressed these concerns to Husband who scoffed at me saying, "You're pussing out already! You haven't even gotten the job yet!"
Yeah . . . maybe a little . . . but a little encouragement would have been nice.

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