Monday, February 18, 2008


My kids have the annoying habit of relapsing. A mere two days after Blue was up all night with a fever (or rather I was up all night watching her have a fever) I was once again sleep deprived. To add to my discomfort, I couldn't go to the gym the next day either as Kidz Zone frowns upon parents who drop their delirious, runny-nosed children off on their way to spin classes. So for the next few days I was on "home exercise" which means hopping up and down a little bench, something clumsily akin to step aerobics.
Friday we went to a new restaurant which had a large selection of vegan items on their menu. It turned out it was way overpriced and not that good.
Saturday I was supposed to take Blue to a violin recital and completely forgot.
Today as Husband was checking his Jet Program results he found my blog. Not actually found. I'd left it open when I abandoned the computer.
"You're blogging about your life now!"
"Yes!" Slam the screen down, take computer.
"You nerd!"
"At least I wasn't rejected by the Jet Program!"
Which he was. And now he's not even interested in trying to find a job through other venues. Jet Program or nothing at all!
So, now who's the nerd?

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