Friday, January 25, 2008

"They Wandered Too Far North And Ran Into Winter . . . "

Why oh why did anyone migrate away from the equator? I can nearly see my breath, IN MY HOUSE! Granted, this little problem could be remedied if I weren't too lazy to go out to the back porch, gather wood and build a fire. I can't move. It's just too cold!
This is why I picked Guadalupe as my first choice in the French assistantship program. I completely ignored Guadalupe, Martinique and Guyana until the husband started looking up the academies, and found that they were French "DOM-TOMs" aka territories (but they don't like them called that!)AKA France in tropical form. I have found very little information on them, except that they are warm year round, have beaches and lots of delicious tropical fruit. They had me at "warm".
In order to familiarize myself with the goings ons in classrooms, I've been volunteering at the school that my kids go to, in "Blue's" class (my youngest kid!) First I was assigned the lofty task of sharpening pencils. Next was cross stitching. All the little children got to pick a design and pick the colors and sit around like little old lady's making "X"s which will eventually turn into a butterfly, a flower or a basket. When it was time for them to pick theirs out, they SWARMED me! Now I have never cross stitched, but it was simple and I was able to become and expert after about five minutes. They had a myriad of problems, from lost needles, to broken thread, to knots (many knots). We all got through it and as an added bonus I got to watch the class learning their Spanish which gave me some ideas for lesson plans, should I end up as an English teacher in Guadalupe! Now I have to excuse myself and hop on my bike and ride through the blistering cold to go pick up my kids from school. Here's to hoping I don't die of hypothermia on the way over!!

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