Friday, January 25, 2008

My Perfect Plan Worked!

No, not my plan for world domination, silly! I went to visit my grandparents who are at my aunts house for the weekend. She lives a ways (is that right?) out of town. When I was almost there Grandma called to tell me to go back because it was snowing.
I told her I was almost there and I wasn't afraid of snow anyway. She said, "Oh, alright, but don't stay very long."
So I got there and the snow intensified. Soon it was beginning to cover the ground. But it was weird because it seemed to be a completely localized snow storm, there was no snow in town and only flurries until I got to my aunts house where it became a near blizzard. I wasn't very worried, but the more snow piled up on the ground, the more my grandmother worried. Soon she was in a frenzy, practically shoving me out of the house with her cane and even Grandpa was joining in with a few hints of his own, "It looks like it might get slick".
My little girls were more interested in the Game Cube than visiting with them anyway, so I dropped a little hint to get myself going, "Husband is working late tonight, so I have to cook dinner." *Sob* *Whimper* "He won't be home until after the kids go to bed." *tears*
Grandma piped right up, "Well here's $20, get out of here and get your kids something to eat."
Sure thing, Grandma!
So the kiddos and I got to have a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants and best of all, I didn't have to make dinner! YAY! As a less jubilant side note, they invented their own sauce which is absolutely delicious. If you're ever in RainyTown, stop in, I highly recommend it: Cafe Yumm

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Kimberly said...

You know, strange but, I have never been to cafe yum. I always wondered just what the big whoop was.